Will hypnotherapy work for me?

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Will hypnotherapy work for me?

Our method combines Hypnotherapy & CBT (Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy). The method is extremely effective in supporting people to quit smoking easily and quickly.

Rewire Your Brain to Quit Smoking

CBT  is a method that teaches you how to stop your bad habit.

CBT helps you to replace old thoughts patterns and habits with new more positive ones.

We will work together to find those triggers and associations that make you want to smoke. You will learn techniques to help you replace your bad habit with a new healthy habits and then those learnings will be reinforced during hypnosis.

The process of using both Hypnotherapy and CBT together consolidates new thinking patterns and new behaviours.

With CBT you are consciously altering your thinking and behavioural patterns and then these are reinforced during hypnotherapy.

CBT used with hypnotherapy is fast and effective. Together hypnotherapy and CBT provides a unique process to help you quit smoking.

As a result most people only require one session to quit smoking for good.

Benefit of Hypnotherapy & CBT

  1. Together they consolidates your convictions to break the addiction
  2. Enable you to focus on new beliefs
  3. Understanding that the benefits of smoking are an illusion
  4. Identifies trigger and association that made you want to smoke in the past
  5. Learning to dismiss old habits and stop negative thought pattens
  6. Planning new thoughts and behaviours to replace smoking routines
  7. Instilling a sense of achievement now you are free from addiction
  8. Positively visualising your life as a non-smoker with all the benefits
  9. Rehearsing new non-smoking behaviour
  10. Experiencing positive new thoughts and emotions associated with quitting
  11. Feel confident in using the tool to support you to quit smoking permanently


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For more information contact

Eugenie Pepper

Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist

mob: 04 1235 2429

email: quitsmokingprogramsydney@gmail.com

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