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My name is Eugenie Pepper and I’m the co-founder of Key Hypnotherapy and Key Mindfulness.

Based in Randwick, Sydney, our Quit Smoking Program blends together cognitive-behavioural therapy tools, hypnosis, and habit reversal training, to create long-lasting transformation.

By combining these strategies, we engage both the subconscious and the conscious brain which allows you to quickly and almost effortlessly shift patterns that hold you back.

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The Quit Smoking Program combines scienced backed methods including:

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“This service is far more greatly appreciated by my eternal health and gratitude it’s been 10 days and I no longer want a smoke after nearly 30 years this service has paid off"
“Just checking in to report on my achievements and again thank you for your wonderful contribution to my new world. Even though on Friday I struggled I am still a non-smoker who only breathes fresh air…”
"The best service ever! Thank you so much, Genie!! You made me feel so comfortable throughout the whole process and were very professional & accommodating. "

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