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My name is Eugenie Pepper and I’m the co-founder of Key Hypnotherapy and Key Mindfulness and an expert in Quit Smoking Randwick

Based in Randwick, our Quit Smoking Program Sydney blends together cognitive-behavioural therapy tools, hypnosis, and habit reversal training, to create long-lasting transformation.

By combining these strategies, we engage both the subconscious and the conscious brain which allows you to quickly and almost effortlessly shift patterns that hold you back.

Quit Smoking Program Available online through video chat.

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Quit Smoking Naturally With Hypnosis!

Are you looking for a safe and effective way to quit smoking in Sydney? If you’re unable to get rid of your smoking habit then Quit Smoking Program can be perfect for you.  Hypnosis which is natural and effective way to help smokers kick the habit.

 For most smokers, the problem is not the nicotine. The smoker’s desire to smoke is often linked to stress, workload, relationship issues, social situations, boredom, and the habit of smoking. Hypnosis is used as a proven therapeutic medium for the management or treatment of a wide range of problems and conditions. We aim to help smokers become non-smokers by suggesting healthier behavior and encourage them to take action and move in a new direction.

Smoking cigarettes not only put your life at risk but also harm others around you. Our hypnosis sessions are relaxing and conducted in a confidential and safe environment to help you overcome your desire to smoke. We have helped hundreds of clients to quit smoking naturally. Hypnosis creates a state of relaxation within the entire body and increases awareness within your mind to achieve your desired outcome. Whether you want to lose weight, manage your stress, or stop smoking, hypnosis is the ideal solution for various issues. With the Quit Smoking Program Sydney, you can get complete control of your life for good.

Our goal is to ensure that you never return back to smoking. As a certified hypnotherapist, we use the best techniques to make sure that you have no cravings at all. There’s a myth that hypnosis can make you do anything. However, hypnosis sessions only increase your concentration and you remain in control of what happens. The therapy session only helps to resolve the conflict between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. Your conscious mind wants to quit smoking but it is the subconscious mind that makes it difficult. This is where we can help you change your subconscious mind and desired associations with cigarettes.

Quit Smoking Program Available online through video chat

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The Quit Smoking Program combines scienced backed methods including:

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“This service is far more greatly appreciated by my eternal health and gratitude it’s been 10 days and I no longer want a smoke after nearly 30 years this service has paid off"
“Just checking in to report on my achievements and again thank you for your wonderful contribution to my new world. Even though on Friday I struggled I am still a non-smoker who only breathes fresh air…”
"The best service ever! Thank you so much, Genie!! You made me feel so comfortable throughout the whole process and were very professional & accommodating. "

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