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Most of us engage in habitual behavior often, such as finger tapping, hair-twirling, nail biting and others. In kids, this is frequently normal and not a cause of worry and in many situations remits on its own without intervention.  Nonetheless, if you or your kid’s habitual behaviors are causing functional impairment or distress, our treatment known as Habit Reversal Training Surry Hills can assist.

HRT is a behaviorally based treatment to lessen the frequency and seriousness of problematic habitual behaviors. During HRT, you and your kid’s therapist will work through a series of steps to lessen the undesired habits. These steps include recognizing and describing the precise habits, enhancing awareness of the habit and related warning signs, developing and practicing an inappropriate response to use when the warning sign is detected, and developing a strategy to maintain developments. Our therapist will assist you to design the most acceptable treatment strategy, teach the HRT steps during appointments and provide a plan for practice at home.