We are here to help you with Life Counseling & Coaching in Coogee

Quit Smoking Programs Sydney is an association of highly proficient people and counselors working with the latest strategies, science, and tools to assist you become your best and the most authentic self.

We believe in human potentials and we want to assist you to overcome everything that is holding you back from living the life you have the potential to live.

Stop Smoking programs Sydney is a leading centre for Life Counseling & Coaching in Coogee

Consider us just like hiring a personal trainer for your well-being and mind. We feel that wisdom breathes and lives within all of us and our job is to assist you access that part of yourself; hold you responsible to your goals and assist you move forward towards being the best version of yourself.

What we do:

  • We develop positive habits
  • We rewire useless belief system
  • We eliminate negative mindsets

You just have one life to live!

Allow one of our Coogee psychologists or performance coaches to assist you with your journey of self discovery, developing healthy relationships and letting go negative thinking patterns. Our team at Quit Smoking Programs Sydney loves assisting people to understand their true potential and live a highly meaningful life.

Our Quit Smoking Programs Sydney team

  • Every team member is handpicked for their skills, proficiency and deep passion for assisting others
  • Inspired counseling and coaching sessions that are customized to your particular goals and requirements
  • Expert therapists with a minimum masters degree as part of their education
  • Trained in proof-based cutting edge therapies such as emotionally focused therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and many more.
  • Everyone on our team is humble, compassionate and very simple to speak with.