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When my cousin Eugenie told me she’d become a hypnotist I thought “oh yeah” and I humoured her by giving her a session. But as usual, life is full of surprises and strangely she was truly a great hypnotist and whilst I can’t really go into the content – I just wanted to say – if you have mental obstacles you want to navigate through – I encourage you to reach out. Smoking, addiction, job stress, marital pressure, kids, finance …. she’s good and she is not expensive and most of all – she exudes warmth and empathy. Call her on +61 412 352 429 to see if she can help you.
"Hi Genie,  I want to send you shining feedback. I am deeply impressed with your counselling. Along with your demonstrated ability with ( successful ) hypnotherapy that I believe puts you in a league of your own. I find you to be amazingly gifted and more than happy sharing your knowledge. I agree with every word of your clients' feedback that I've read. It is my opinion that you are certainly a fine example of someone being the best at what they do. You're a born healer..."
"This service is far more greatly appreciated by my eternal health and gratitude it's been 10 days and I no longer want a smoke after nearly 30 years this service has paid off."
Dan Dwyer
“I have not even thought of a cigarette since I left the session I had with Genie. I’m absolutely over the moon… I can already feel my chest has loosened up a fair bit and the terrible cough I had seems to be getting a lot better as well. Amazing Amazing Amazing…”
“Just checking in to report on my achievements and again thank you for your wonderful contribution to my new world. Even though on Friday I struggled I am still a non-smoker who only breathes fresh air…”
After only a few Hypnosis sessions I had incredible results, Eugenie has helped me overcome anxiety and negative thinking patterns. I now have a more confident mindset and the negative thoughts and self-doubt are gone, I am calm, I am happy, I feel strong and so positive about my future. Eugenie has a natural calming manner and was able to intuitively tap into my subconscious, she has a genuine passion for helping people to achieve their full potential. I highly recommend Eugenie to anyone who is ready and willing to help themselves and considering hypnotherapy.
I have been seeing Eugenie on a professional basis for nearly two months. Besides having support while having Cancer treatment which lasted for six of those weeks, l was hoping to change my mindset. I can highly recommend Eugenie as a counsellor and life coach & facilitator of mindfulness & hypnosis. She is a good listener and is intelligent and kind. It only took a couple of sessions for me to feel totally comfortable with her, and can say that my level of positivity & my ability to cope have improved much more than l expected, in such a short time. I will continue to see Eugenie as I consider her to genuinely care about her clients and their well-being.
The best service ever! Thank you so much, Genie!! You made me feel so comfortable throughout the whole process and were very professional & accommodating.
"Feeling great. Haven't been tempted."
"We are doing great and have only had a couple of week moments. Actually really surprised at how well we are doing."
“Just wanted to thank you and let you know it had now been over 1 week since our session and I have not had a single cigarette. It had been surprisingly easy however there are always moments every day when I could easily start up but I repeat my mantra of “I am a non-smoker. I will breathe fresh air for the rest of my life” and the temptation seems to disappear…”
Best investment any smoker can have. I tried to quit smoking using patches, champex, NRT and nothing worked. After having my hypnosis session with Genie, I can proudly say am smoke free for over three weeks now and have no desire or craving to smoke ever again. I feel healthy and happier and I can’t thank you enough for changing my life.
Tarek Rahman
My nicest testimonial... Genie, I can honestly say meeting you today was 1 of the best things in my life so far. ( Definitely in the top 5 lol 🌻 ) Thank you so much for your caring support, your wisdom & guidance. I will do myself proud. after all I AM A NON SMOKER... 🌻 thanks
My sessions with Eugenie have helped me break blockages both with unleashing my creativity and letting go of a negative relationship. Through working with Eugenie I now am about to launch my textile collection and currently in a beautiful new relationship.

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