Top 10 Tips to support you Quit Smoking

  1. Book your Coach or Hypnotherapist today to support you stop smoking forever.
  2. Set your date and time to stop.
  3. Tell your family and friends of your intention to stop smoking and ask for their support.
  4. Think about prior attempts to quit and what went wrong. Plan on how to avoid the same pitfalls this time
  5. Throw away all cigarettes, lighters, and ashtrays in your home and car. If your partner smokes, suggest that they stop too.
  6. Plan for what to do in situations that you know make you want to smoke. Know your triggers
  7. Do some exercise you enjoy, such as walking or swimming.
  8. Say you daily affirmation throughout the day  “I am now a non-smoker and I will breath fresh air for the rest of my life”
  9. Meditate or just practice deep breathing, this will help you relax and focus your mind on something else.
  10. Distraction: book a massage, go for a walk, go to the movies or visit a supportive friend.

S  W  A  P


Swap the habit.

Choose something else you can do instead.


Make a wish and visualise what your life would be once you have made the switch and swapped your bad habit for a healthy habit.

What are the positive benefits.

Try to make this vision as detailed as possible.


Decided on an affirmation that you can repeat throughout your day to reinforce your wish.

Plan & Practise

Plan how and when you are going to do this new habit.

Plan for how you will deal with challenges.

Repetition is the key.

Practice until it goes from a conscious choice to an automatic habit.

More Quit Smoking Support Strategies 

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